Hex Breaker: Jain Lazarus Adventures

The Short Stories

Some of the adventures are short enough to be a short story or novella instead of a book.  You'll find them here -- some of them will be available for limited times as free downloads.

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"The Possession Of Nattie Filmore" was  available for free download until October 31, 2016.  It also includes excerpts from other work, and a coupon for a free Ava Dunne Yuletide-themed mystery with comic and fantasy elements.  Coupon for the second download good until November 2, and is in the "Nattie Filmore download.

This download ended at midnight on Oct. 31.  Thank you and enjoy!

From "The Possession of Nattie Filmore"

copyright 2016. Cannot be excerpted or reproduced without permission of author:

"I'm surprised you called me." Wyatt East folded his arms across his chest and stared at Jain Lazarus.

Jain barely hesitated as she rummaged through the pack resting in the trunk of her car. She glanced at him and then away, hoping the hurt didn't show in her eyes. "Your territory. I thought you should know. Plus, now that you've got some experience with the preternatural . . ."

"What are we dealing with?"

"Sounds like a straight-up ghost to me." Jain turned and trusted that she had enough self-possession to look him right in the eye. "Old house abandoned for years because of disturbances. A few different owners in the last dozen years or so, but no one can stay more than a few weeks because it's so disconcerting. Objects moving, cold spots, footsteps heard late at night. And the appearance, lately, of a small boy with large eyes."

"You're talking about the Dempsey place over on Cassidy Pike."

"Yes. You know it?"

"Been abandoned since I was a kid. We used to go there and see who'd get so scared to run first."

"I bet you were never first."

Wyatt smiled. "You'd win that bet. But I always ran, eventually."

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"First Feet"

Jain Lazarus, Wyatt East, and Billy Root are visited, at the stroke of midnight, by a mysterious first footer.  Is he merely predicting the coming year, or does he have a more direct interest?


Billy Root was here because Jain Lazarus recognized his talent and recommended him for a slot.  After their experiences on the botched film, where his director tried to sacrifice him by sending a zombie after him and then forcing him to activate a demon who would have killed him, Billy couldn’t go back to the usual routine of auditions and acting roles.  Jain understood that, and she sent him here.

Jain Lazarus.  Now there was a woman for whom he’d like to hang a red mitten on the door.  But she was involved with a local cop she’d met on the film shoot, and he was here, in Scotland, learning about paranormal abilities he never knew he had until they almost got him killed.  It beat auditioning for hemorrhoid commercials.  He missed the beer commercials, and some of the film set antics, but that was about all he missed from his old life.

Old life.  New life.  It was tough adjusting to the new life, trying to understand what was second nature to most of his fellow students, trying to fit in, feeling like he was a freak because he was more normal in the usual terms than most of the people around him.  He could think of today as the first day of his new life, the first day of the New Year.  And he spent it in a dorm room in Scotland, with, in a few hours, a spectacular hangover.

He looked across the room, wanting to wake up Hank and have some company.  They didn’t spend much time together, even though they shared a room.  Billy wasn’t sure if it was because Hank was about six years younger than Billy and had different interests, or because Hank didn’t like him.  He realized Hank’s bed was empty.  The duvet was pulled up, the pillows meticulously plumped in the annoying way Hank had of making his bed every day.  Billy preferred leaving his unmade.  That way, he felt like he’d done something illicit, with the possibility of more illicitness to come.

Billy frowned.  He distinctly remembered that Hank told him he was headed back to the room.  That was – Billy wasn’t sure how long ago it was, but Hank left well before midnight.  He remembered watching Hank leave the party in the common room, wishing they’d at least be in the same room at the stroke of midnight, but not wanting to leave the party himself.

Hank never made it back to the room.

Hank never made it back to the room.

This story is not available right now -- but will be up again this holiday season!

"Town Crier"

A new Jain Lazarus Story, taking place seven years before the events of HEX BREAKER.  Excerpt coming soon.


Driving through the fog was a challenge, especially in the rickety hatchback.  The car coughed and chugged, its exhaust mixing with the thick, wet mist outside.  It was like driving through wet cotton balls.  Jain pushed the car to its limit, her foot pressing the accelerator all the way to the floor, and it barely broke 70. 

As soon as I can afford it, I’m buying a car and putting in my own modifications.

She leaned forward, gripping the wheel until her fingers hurt.  Where’d it go?  The creature was only a few hundred feet ahead of her, loping down the road.  If it ducked into the thick forest on either side of the Maine road, she’d lose it.  In every sense of the word.

Red, white, and blue flashing lights filled her rearview mirror, followed by the wail of a siren.  “No, no, no no!”  She slapped the palm of her hand against the steering wheel.  She took a deep breath, switched on her blinker, pulled over, and cut the engine.  She watched the cop pull up behind her and approach.  Rolling down the window, she took another deep breath, and forced a smile.  The fog crept into the car, winding around her neck, the rearview mirror, the seats, prehensile tendrils.  “What can I do for you?”  she asked, making herself sound pleasant and non-threatening.  Inside, she screamed, I’m trying to catch a killer, you moron!

This story is no longer available for download -- but don't fret, it will be included in a collection of Jain Lazarus shorts!