Hex Breaker: Jain Lazarus Adventures

October 28-October 31, 2016

"The Possession of Nattie Filmore" is available as a free PDF download.  The short also includes excerpts from other work and a coupon for an Ava Dunne short good until Nov. 2.

As of Nov. 1, 2016, the download link is no longer valid.  I hope you enjoyed the story!

Summer 2014

HEX BREAKER and OLD-FASHIONED DETECTIVE WORK are both available at the Marstons Mills Public Library in Marstons Mills, MA.  You can order them through any of the Cape Cod libraries in the CLAMS network.

Both books will also be available for sale in the Conference Bookstore at the Cape Cod Writers Conference in Hyannis, MA from Aug. 7-10.

Winter 2012

Sharon Buchbinder interviewed me about the series and my writing habits here.

"First Feet", a Jain Lazarus short, is available as a free download from Dec. 21, 2012-January 2, 2013. 

Hop on over to the Short Stories page to read an excerpt and download it.

Fall 2012

New cover for OLD-FASHIONED DETECTIVE WORK, also by the terrific PJ Friel.  The book is set to release om March 4, 2013.

Summer 2012

HEX BREAKER is now available from Solstice Publishing and on Amazon Kindle.  Buy links are on the Home and Excerpt pages.  The terrific new cover was designed by PJ Friel.

To celebrate the re-release, I'll have a brand new Jain Lazarus story available for a free, limited-time download the second week of June.  This tale will be set before the events in HEX BREAKER, and should be a nice addition to the Jain Lazarus Adventures for the ever-loyal fan base.  You guys have been great, and so supportive of the transition to Jain's new home.

Go the the Short Stories page to read an excerpt from "Town Crier" and download it, free, until July 3!

I will also re-release "The Possession of Nattie Fillmore" and "First Feet", two short stories that take place after the events in HEX BREAKER, but before the start of OLD-FASHIONED DETECTIVE WORK.

I'm back at work on Book 3 of the Jain Lazarus Adventures, CRAVE THE HUNT.  This book is Billy-centric, because of Billy's staunchly loyal fan base.  I think you will love how he matures in this book.  But don't worry -- he'll retain his zany sense of humor and unusual way of viewing the world.  He even gets to act in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Coinciding with the re-release of HEX BREAKER, Billy Root will start blogging -- about once a week or so, when he can get his act together so to do.  He's going to talk about being inside the development of a series, and being an actor who is also a character in someone's book.  At least he's not in search of an author -- he's got one!  His blog is here.


OLD-FASHIONED DETECTIVE WORK was scheduled to release in Spring 2009.  However, after multiple release delays and breach of contract, other arrangements will be made.   Join Jain and Wyatt on their next adventure. 

HEX BREAKER released on August 1, 2008  from Firedrakes Weyr Publishing.  My association with them has ended, and it will be re-issued in the future elsewhere.

Author Devon Ellington was a guest on The Dragon's Den Radio Show on June 16, 2008, talking about HEX BREAKER and the writing process.

You can listen to the interview here.