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“Again, Mr. Collins,” said Wyatt. “What can I do for you?”

“When did you last see Jain Lazarus?”

“We spent a four day weekend together about six weeks ago in Vermont.”

“Have you spoken to her since?”

“I left a few messages on her voice mail, but I haven’t heard back.”

“Yes, we know that. We have her phone.”

A chill ran down Wyatt’s spine. “Why would you have her phone?”

“Was she in good health when you parted?”

“We went skiing in the morning. We went back to the inn to change. She got a phone call -- on the room’s landline, not her cell, and said she had to go. She left before I did.”



“No one’s seen or heard from her since that weekend in Vermont. And she was due in our office the very next morning to get briefed on a new assignment.”

“She doesn’t miss appointments.”

“I’m well aware of that.”

“What have you done to look for her? Did you visit the inn? Have you spoken to the police?”

“Aren’t you the police? In addition to being, shall we say, rather close with her?”

“An official missing persons report filed where she went missing makes more sense.”

“Oh, we’ve been to Vermont, believe me. That’s part of what’s so interesting. Why I’m here with you. The proprietor of the inn tells a different story than you just told me.”

“What do you mean?” Wyatt narrowed his eyes.

“He says the two of you left in the morning, but you came back alone.


Release Date:  March 4, 2013. 

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"You cut off a man's head, Ms. Lazarus," Wyatt East said.  "I have to ask you questions."

It was several hours later, and they were in the small police interrogation room.  Jain looked up at him, watching him pace back and forth across the room, and folded her arms on the table.  "I understand that, and I'm willing to answer anything, but we need to get to the hospital or Dennis will wind up in the same shape as Mike."


"If we don't get to him in time."

"Since you're the one who decapitated Mike, I'm not so sure I should let you near Dennis."

"If you let me near him fast enough, I won't need to decapitate him."

"So you admit that you would?"

"If necessary."

"And why would it be necessary?"

"By the time I separated Mike's head from his body, there wasn't anything of Mike left.  I saw it snuff out.  He was completely under his handler's control.  Whoever his handler is."

"What the hell are you talking about?"  Wyatt slammed his palm on the metal desk.

"Detective East, your carefully planned gestures don't intimidate me.  I deal with much more dangerous factions every day than annoyed cops."

"Maybe you should give me some information about who you really are and what you really do and I won't be such an annoyed cop."

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