Hex Breaker: Jain Lazarus Adventures

Devon Ellington publishes under a half a dozen names in both fiction and non-fiction.   She covers sports for FEMMEFAN, wrote"The Literary Athlete" column for the SCRUFFY DOG REVIEW for nearly six years, and her work is included in anthologies such as PERFECTLY PLUM, ARDEUR, GHOST STORIES OF THE MOGOLLON RIM, and FULL CIRCLE.  Her work appears in publications as diverse as FEMMEFAN, THE SAVVY GAL, HAMPTON FAMILY LIFE, THE SOUND SHORE REVIEW, and WILD CHILD.

Her plays are produced in New York, London, Edinburgh, and Australia.

As Annabel Aidan, her paranormal romantic suspense novel ASSUMPTION OF RIGHT was released by Champagne Books in 2011.  Visit Annabel's page here.

Her main website is Devon Ellington Work.

Her popular blog on the ups and downs of the freelance writing life is Ink in My Coffee.

She teaches workshops and offers coaching and a variety of freelance writing services at Fearless Ink.

You can contact Devon  here and subscribe to the newsletter here.